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Website information

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1.Our standard domain address: (

2.If you find our website have any bug or problem, Please contact me.

3.Our server opened https. https can be more safe and more fast than http.(This tool can chek your protocol. Please open your JavaScript before using it)

4.Our server opened IPv6. IPv6 address is the update of IPv4. You can Check your IPv6 (Maybe you are still using IPv4) or you can search "What is IPv4 and IPv6" to know more about IPv6。Why IPv6?

ipv6 ready

5.We will update password verify system next some week. And we will add account manage feature. Sometimes login feature will stuck when we are updating. Thanks for your understanding. Hope the new features can make this website more convenient.

6.This server will open auto https when you want because some people still can't use https. The switch button is on the main page. Please understand this problem.

New features

There is no big new feature now.